We sell the vast majority of our products to private label customers who make stringent demands on production method and quality.

    We use high-quality ingredients, sustainable production methods and strict internal controls to guarantee delivery of superior products. As we have our own laboratory, we can develop unique taste variants for our customers, to whom we also supply specially designed packaging.


    As A/S Sæby Fiske-Industri strives to be a green business in all respects, our production process is chemical free. As the only company in the world, we skin mackerel without using caustic soda and hydrochloric acid – which are considered standard products for the process elsewhere.


    We are the only company in the world to freeze mackerel individually. This allows us to trace every single fish. After freezing, every batch of mackerel is stored in a separate cell, ensuring full traceability back to catch time and location. We can therefore provide customers with documentation of the promised quality and origin.

A/S Sæby Fiske-Industri

A/S Sæby Fiske-Industri is the only supplier of canned mackerel produced in Denmark. Every year, we produce around 100 million cans, of which more than 85 per cent are exported to supermarket chains in Europe. We work exclusively with the Scomber Scombrus species, which is caught by MSC-audited Danish and British vessels.